Environmentally Friendly Extermination

Pest Force provides, non-toxic pest management techniques using eco-friendly products that are highly effective. Botanically based products derived from all natural sources achieve the perfect balance between effective pest management and preserving the ecosystem in Texas and surrounding areas.

Pest Force follows these principals when providing Green pest management service:


focus on conditions that can attract pests, such as moisture.

Eliminate entry points

seal cracks and crevices.

Continual monitoring

so that problems are caught before they get out of hand.

Low-impact materials

devices such as gel baits and mechanical traps minimize material use, as do innovative pest control materials

Applications made only when and where necessary

Targeted applications with the precise amount of material needed to get the job done. No more. No less.

Physical elimination of pests

using innovative techniques like vacuum, heat treatment or steam.

What does Green Pest Control really mean?

We provide environmentally-sensitive ways to service your property and use pest control products that keep the safety of our customers in mind.

Our approach is based on Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

With IPM, your Pest Force technician inspects your premises to identify all points of pest vulnerability.

We will then make recommendations to reduce these occurrences and use organic materials, which produce the maximum effect with the least environmental impact.

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