When to Install:
Pest Tubes are installed in interior and exterior wall studs, much the same as electrical wiring and are usually installed just after electrical inspection and prior to installation placement.

How they are installed:
The polyethylene tubing contains evenly spaced perforations which facilitate product distribution. The tubing is manufactured without connectors eliminating the chance of separation. The perforated portion of the tubing is sewn horizontally through the wall stubs, while the remaining portion is routed to a service port on the exterior of the building.

Professional technicians inject pre-measured EPA approved materials into the pest control system for even and effective distribution. The material discharges through the perforations in the form of a fine mist into the walls and formerly inaccessible spaces where pest hide and breed.

No Risk:
This system is safe and effective, allowing occupants of the structure to stay in the building while applications are taking place without risk. By avoiding the damaging effect of ultraviolet light, the product lasts longer.

The tubes consist of space-age polyethylene. They WILL NOT clog or break. We offer maximum convenience and safety with a centrally located exterior injection port. You do not have to be home for applications, you do not have to allow a technician in the privacy of your home. No more waiting on a technician, moving furniture or picking up around the house prior to treatment.



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