Termite Control

We specialize in termite control, including inspections, prevention and elimination for any home or business in Texas.

We provide official Wood Destroying Insect Reports, perform professional pre-treatment services for any size construction project and can eliminate termites from any type of structure with guaranteed results.

Termite Extermination

Because they are literally eating away at the structure of your property, termite damage is very concerning. Should you be unlucky enough to have termites in your Texas home or business, we can remove them quickly and stop the damage.

Pest Force is here to help you save your wood with our termite extermination program.

To minimize the damage to your property you will need to spot signs of termites sooner rather than later.

No matter how serious your termite problem may be, Pest Force wants you to know that an easy and affordable solution is no more than call away.

Here are the main signs to look for:

  • Hollow Sounds when knocking on wood
  • Patches of bubbling paint
  • Termite mud tubes (tubes that termites create to get from the colony to the food safely)
  • Termite dropping, also known as frass, are little pellets that are beige or dark brown
  • Piles of wings (termites have wings and then loose them while they search for a home)

Our knowledgeable professionals have many years in the field and know how to effectively remove termites from your Texas home or business.

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